Marjorie J. Clarke
Maggie Clarke Environmental

Press and Testimony list for Marjorie J. Clarke, Ph.D.  2001-


  • 10/26     Questioned federal, state and city environmental agency officials regarding poor response to hazardous air
                     quality issues post 9/11 at televised City Club forum (Crosswalks/CUNY TV)
  • 11/8     Delivered oral and written testimony at City Council Environmental Protection Committee hearing on World
                     Trade Center air quality issues
    • 11/19     Presentation at Community Board 1 regarding air quality issues post 9/11
    • 11/26     Delivered oral and written testimony at New York State Assembly hearing on World Trade Center air quality


    • 1/25     Submitted affidavit on inadvisability of re-opening PS 89 due to hazardous dust contamination post 9/11
    • 2/1     Participation in 4-hour press conference with EPA Ombudsman and World Trade Center air quality advocates;
                   interviews with Daily News, Newsweek
    • 2/2     Quoted in Daily News article by Katie Caperton on World Trade Center air issues.
    • 2/2     Input to Jeff Simmons of NY1 asking for input on World Trade Center issue.
    • 2/5     Response to inquiry from Maria Concepcion of NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation, regarding World Trade
                   Center testimony given to EPA Ombudsman.
    • 2/5     Made a presentation at PS 89 parents assn. meeting regarding return after 9/11 contamination.
    • 2/7     Delivered oral and written testimony to City Council Sanitation Committee on economic benefits of waste
    • 2/8     Quoted in Tribeca Trib article on presentation at parents assn. meeting at P.S. 89 re returning to school after
                   9/11 contamination
    • 2/11     Interviewed by WNBC-TV, WPIX-TV, WCBS radio, and WABC radio during US Senate Environment
                   committee hearing on World Trade Center air quality issues.  Appeared with Ralph Penza on WNBC-TV
                   evening news and on WABC radio.
    • 2/13     Made a presentation at Stuyvesant High School regarding World Trade Center air quality issues.  Interviewed by reporter at MSNBC online re same issues.

    • 2/14     Interviewed by Kirk Johnson, New York Times, on recycling issues; later quoted in an article.

    • 2/15     Half hour interview/debate with Dr. Winston Porter and Brian Lehrer on WNYC radio - regarding proposed city recycling budget cuts.

    • 2/18     Exerpt from 2/15 radio interview on news - WNYC radio

    • 2/23     Presented written testimony at EPA Ombudsman's hearing regarding World Trade Center air quality issues

    • 2/25     Delivered written testimony to US Senate Environment committee regarding World Trade Center air quality issues.

    • 2/25-4/4  Numerous interviews for article in Gotham Gazette on recycling budget cuts.

    • 2/28     Presented expert testimony in court proceeding against landlord of 80 John Street for failure to remediate
                   World Trade Center contamination of building
    • 3/1     Interviews with Etta Sanders of Gotham Gazette and Heidi Singer of Staten Island Advance regarding recycling
                   budget cuts. Interview with Suzanne Smalley of Newsweek on World Trade Center issues.
    • 3/6     An hour phone interview with Juan Gonzalez, writer on World Trade Center issues for Daily News. Excerpts
                   appeared in his book, Fallout
      : Consequences of the World Trade Center Collapse, published 2002 by the New
                  Press, New York, NY.
      , published 2002.
    •  3/8     Delivered oral and written testimony regarding World Trade Center air quality issues at second City Council
                   hearing (environmental protection committee)
    • 3/11     Delivered oral and written testimony regarding World Trade Center air quality issues at second EPA
                   Ombudsman's hearing.
    • 3/11     Quoted in MSNBC article: Waiting to Inhale on World Trade Center air quailty issues.
    • 3/13     Lobby day in support of retaining recycling program (meetings with Councilmembers and staffs); participation in
                   a press conference on recycling. Interview with WNYC radio. Videotaped for Regional News Network,
                   Kingston, NY on recycling issues.
    • 3/18     More interviews with Gotham Gazette on recycling issues.
    • 3/19     Appeared on New York 1 for five minute segment of hourly evening program on World Trade Center air quality
    • 3/20     Delivered written testimony to City Council's Sanitation committee hearing - summary of short- and long-term
                   strategies for saving money by increasing efficiencies and making new investments in recycling program.
    • 3/22     Interviews with Washington Post (Christine Haughney) and McClatchy newspapers (Muriel Dolbin) regarding
                   World Trade Center issues.
    • 3/29     Interview with WNYC radio and Diana Yates of Staten Island Advance newspaper, updating on recycling issue.  
                   Finished up interview with Gotham Gazette.
    • 4/12     Delivered written testimony on World Trade Center air issues to second State assembly hearing
    • 4/14     Author of article in New York Times, City Section -  reasons against re-opening Fresh Kills landfill.
    • 4/16     Investiture as park warden of Lt. William Tighe Triangle (Riverside-Inwood Neighborhood Garden).
    • 4/17     Participation in press conference on recycling, steps of City Hall
    • 4/17     Delivered oral and written testimony at City Council's Sanitation Committee hearing - economic efficiencies of
                   increases in recycling diversion rates.        
    • 4/18     Interviewed by "City as School" students for video project on New York City's solid waste management
      Became a full-length video, screened twice in 2002 in Manhattan.
    • 4/20     Participant in meeting to form 9/11 Environmental Action.

    • 4/23     Lobby day in support of retaining recycling program (meetings with Councilmembers and staffs); extensive
                   interview with Jazz 88 radio at recycling press conference

    • 4/25     Re-election as Vice Chair, Citywide Recycling Advisory Board.

    • 4/29      Delivered oral and written testimony at City Council's Sanitation Committee hearing - long-term solid waste
                   planning options for NYC, cautions about DOS operating incinerators.

    • 5/1     Re-election as Vice Chair, Manhattan Citizens' Solid Waste Advisory Board

    • 5/2     Nominated to be re-elected as Vice Chair, NYC Waste Prevention Coalition.

    • 5/9     Conducted press briefing on NYC Waste Prevention Coalition's report on cost-saving measures to fund recycling
                   program. Interviewed with Amy Eddings, WNYC-radio.

    • 5/10     Interviewed with Paul Moniz, WCBS-TV, on WTC air issues; snippet aired on 5pm news

    • 5/10     Interviewed with Kirk Johnson, New York Times, on WTC

    • 5/15     Quoted by Kirk Johnson in NYT article on WTC air issues

    • 6/         Smith College Alumnae Quarterly, 2 page profile as part of feature of Smith graduates in environmental fields.

    • 6/5     Airing of part of interview with Amy Eddings, WNYC-radio (NPR) on recycling.

    • 6/6     Phone Interview with Keith Kloor Senior Editor Audubon Magazine for article on incineration for City Limits.

    • 6/10     Interview with Robin Finn, NYTimes – profile

    • 6/14    New York Times profile, Public Lives. Keeping a Wary Eye on the EPA at Ground Zero”, page B2 

    • 6/20    Interview with Diana Yates, Staten Island Advance regarding recycling

    • 6/21    Interview with Motoko Rich, Wall Street Journal, regarding WTC air quality issues

    • 6/25    Interview with Steve Gregory, WNYC radio regarding recycling plan

    • 6/26     Interview with Mubarak Daher, Self Magazine on WTC issues for September, 2002 issue.

    • 7/         Interview with Alicia Zuckerman, New York Magazine, regarding cutting recycling budget

    • 7/         Interview with Ben Smith, New York Sun regarding solid waste issues

    • 8/        Interview with Carolyn Szczepanski, Independent Media Center, regarding WTC issues

    • 8/        Interview with Margaret Ramirez, Newsday, regarding WTC issues

    • 8/9       Interviews at 911EA press conference in front of EPA, NBC-TV, FOX-TV (aired), NY1 (aired)

    • 8/15     NY1 / CSPAN appearance – Town Hall program on physical and mental health problems of WTC disaster –
              1.5  hours.   I spoke 3 minutes.  Aired numerous times by both NY1 and CSPAN.

    • 8/21    Interview with Roger Witherspoon, Westchester Journal on WTC issues.

    • 8/ 26    Interview with Marla Diamond, WCBS-radio 88

    • 8/9, 26 Interviews with Scott Simmie, Toronto Star

    • 8/27     Interview with Linda Martin, WCBS-TV – hour show on garbage challenge

    • 8/         Interview with Nicholas Berube, La Presse, Montreal

    • 9/5       Recommendations to Lower Manhattan Development Corp. re Memorial for those killed by Environmental disaster

    • 9/7       Quoted by Roger Witherspoon in The Journal News (Westchester) article on WTC.

    • 9/9       Interview with WCBS-TV, Paul Moniz – World Trade Center,  TV clip on 5 o’clock local news.

    • 9/11     Quoted extensively by Scott Simmie in Toronto Star article on WTC.

    • 9/         Exchange with Francesca Lyman, MSNBC online

    • 9/        Interview with Sacha Brodsky, Downtown Express, on WTC.

    • 9/         Quoted by Carolyn Szczepanski in “The Indypendent”, September issue, p. 12

    • 9/        Interview with Keith Kloor, City Limits on article about solid waste incineration

    • 9/24     Interview with Jamie Katz, City Limits, on article about incineration

    • 11/      Quoted by Keith Koor, in November, 2002 issue of City Limits:  Wretched Refuse

    • 11/21   Interview with Diana Yates at S I Advance, on Commercial recycling, SWMP, other reports

    • 12/27   Interview with Lucia, WBAI radio on EPA’s halting apt. dust cleanup program.  Aired 12/30.

    • 12/27   Interview with Jackie, WFUV radio on EPA; aired during late afternoon show, EPA closing WTC cleanup program.

    • 12/27   Interview with Alisha Zuckerman, WNYC radio (NPR); EPA closing WTC cleanup program

    • 12/27   Press Conference with TV (CNN, Channel 9), radio (WNYC, 1010WINS, CBS88) and Brooklyn papers, China World on EPA’s shutting down signup for its cleanup program.

    • 12/27   Interview with Maggie Haberman, New York Daily News, quoted in article on 12/28 re: EPA closing WTC cleanup program


    • 1/10    Interview with Elizabeth Royte, for book on garbage and New York's environmental footprint - Little Brown publisher

    • 4/23    Profiled in Manhattan Times, Inwood Edition. Vol 4. No. 17. p. 12.

    • July    Quoted in article on NYC recycling in Gotham Gazette.

    •             3 hours of interview with Francesca Lyman of MSNBC online for NEHA report

    •             Interview with Cherube? Montreal’s La Presse

    • 8/23/03  Jerry Nadler’s press conference presentation – interviews / coverage on channels   4, 7, 11, Daily News

    •  8/25/03  Hilary Clinton’s press conference, - interview with WNYC

    • 9/3  Press conference, interviews with Japanese TV, others – Senator Patterson on WTC

    • Sept  Interviews with Neil Shah of Inside EPA - articles - early October

    • 9/22  Interview with Anya Kamenetz, Village Voice – WTC and recycling;

    • 9/30  Interview with Anya Kamenetz, Village Voice on recycling behavior

    • 9/24  Interview with Miriam Hill of Phila Enquirer WTC ; fact checking 10/9/03. 

    • Sept    Quoted in “Messages in the Dust: What are the lessons of the environmental health response to the terrorist attacks of September 11? ” by Francesca Lyman published by National Environmental Health Association

    • 10/14  quote in article by Miriam Hill of Philadelphia Enquirer on WTC.

    • 10/20 Interview with Voice of America, re WTC and precautionary principle.

    •             10/27 Interview with Doug Pasternak of NBC (Washington) re WTC health studies.
      12/4 Press conference with Manhattan borough President Virginia Fields, spoke on 20-year plan for zero waste.  Interview with local radio.

    • December Gotham Gazette article on Recycling; numerous quotes.

    • Videotaped Interview with Bruce Cordingly on WTC issues; possibly for NY1 TV.


    • 5/18     Interview with Lee Ann Caldwell of WBAI news re 9/11 Commission not covering environmental angle.  Aired 6pm news.

    • 5/20     Interview with Michelle McPhee of Daily News.

    • 7/21     Interview with Bojana Stoparic, New York Times regarding recycling education