Solid Waste Audio Library

WNYC on City Gets Serious about Recycling 11/26/2003
WNYC on Recycling Plastic Comes Back, but at what cost?  7/8/2003
WNYC on Recyclers Ask, What about glass?  3/10/2003
WNYC on Bronx Ecology, Allen Hershkowitz, paper recycling, 1/8/2003
WNYC on Zero Waste:  San Francisco's Recycling Program vs. NYC, 11/25/2002
WNYC on NYC Recycling Cut - news item, 2/19/2002
WNYC debate Maggie Clarke v. Winston Porter on NYC Cutting Recycling, 2/15/2002
WNYC discussion, Tom Outerbridge, Portland, San Francisco, 11/27/2002
WNYC on Visy Paper Plant - Recycling Success Story, 6/5/2002
WNYC on City Council Hearing - Abandoning Recycling Goals, 4/18/2002
WNYC Bloomberg-Council Deal on Recycling (2nd half of clip), 6/20/2002
WNYC Does Recycling Save Money? 5/1/2002
WNYC Port Ivory Plan, 7/19/2002
NPR Essay on NYC Recycling, 7/6/2002
NPR Talk of the Nation on recycling, Vito Turso,  Jerry Powell, San Francisco 7/15/02
NPR Santa Clarita, CA diaper recycling program 11/16/02
NPR Electronics Final Cost, 7/19/2002
NPR Activists push for Safer E-Recycling, 4/6/2002
NPR on Computer Recycling, 3/11/2002
NPR on Computer Recycling, 12/26/2000
NPR on Recycling at Goodwill, 1/11/1999
NPR Wisconsin Recycling, 3/24/2001

NPR Recycling Building Materials, 9/22/1998

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