Community Outreach / Teaching / Training

Maggie Clarke, Ph.D.

Outreach Projects

Riverside-Inwood Neighborhood Gardens, Inc. (RING) Founder, President, Newsletter editor, Webmaster and Fundraiser for two community gardens in upper Manhattan 1984 - . Worked with Councilmember, Assemblyman and State Senator, Trust for Public Land, and Columbia Presbyterian hospital to secure thousands of dollars in funding and in-kind support for initial garden (Riverside Drive and Payson Ave.) and current Triangle garden (Dyckman St. and Riverside Dr,).  Secured $215,000 plus supplemental $17,000 in capital grants from Manhattan Borough President for major renovation at RING Triangle garden 1999-2000.  Secured numerous grants for projects involving street tree planting on Inwood’s commercial streets, outreach to the public, brochure design and distribution and solar, pond and gardening projects. Award Winner of Citywide "Dress Up Your Neighborhood Contests" in 1985, 1987, 1990, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998.  Webmaster of RING garden website:

World Trade Center Environmental Disaster.  As a volunteer scientific advisor, I trained citizens in Lower Manhattan about air quality post 9/11 by giving lectures on the types and effects of emissions from the World Trade Center collapses and fires at schools (PS.89 and Stuyvesant High School), and testified at many city, state and federal hearings as to the impacts of the emissions and potential health effects.  I was an expert witness for the residents of 80 John Street.  Residents that I trained have testified at hearings, been interviewed by the media, and organized meetings with other affected residents and with government representatives.  With affected residents I co-founded 9/11 Environmental Action, which has succeeded in publicizing the impacts of the WTC disaster on human health and has been the major proponent for a complete remediation of the toxic dusts that remained.  Since the disaster I gave numerous press interviews, spoke at press conferences, and was taped for TV and radio.   More description.


“Understanding Major Disparities Amongst Neighborhoods in Participation in New York City's Recycling Program” Designed and administered a 2-year research program to survey the public (3,000 surveys) and explore attitudes that result in good and poor participation. Authored and presented several papers since 2004 at three conferences.  More description.


Testing the Effectiveness of Supermarket-Based Environmental Shopping Campaigns in Changing Consumer Behavior in New York City, Ph.D.dissertation, CUNY, 1999.  Designed educational materials and adminintered / analyzed 800 knowledge, attitude, and behavior surveys to the pubilc.  Funded by grant from USEPA Region II.


Created / Directed educational environmental videos for public TV and technical audiences


 WNET/Channel 13 (PBS) Environmental Research Consultant on video documentary, "Environment: In Your Own Back Yard". A four-part series featuring half-hour programs on New York City area solid waste, water supply and land use, water pollution and coastal issues, and air pollution. New York, NY 1990; aired nationally in 1991 and subsequently.


Technical Director on educational video: "Municipal Solid Waste Management: The Integrated Approach", Air and Waste Management Association, 1994.     Video won Best Film by an NGO at Environment India international competition, 1998.


Specialized courses for professionals


Instructor / developer - advanced public outreach for municipal recycling professionals.  Four-hour workshop for rofessional Recyclers of Pennsylvania's Certification Program for Professional Recyclers, taught 3 times 2001- 2003.


Chief Instructor, Environmental Impact Assessment course, designed for Shell Oil in Nigeria and Nigerian governmental officials, 2000.



Taught graduate and undergraduate students geography, geology and environmental studies


Hunter College Adjunct Assistant Professor, Environmental Geology  - 7 times 1996-2004, Environmental Conservation and Urban Problems, 1998, Geology 101, 1999. (320 students)  Environmental Policy, 2005,  Urban Environmental Problems and Solutions, 2004.


Rutgers University, Geography Dept. 1999-2000. Full time Instructor, Introduction to Geography (200 students), Earth Systems (300 students), Advanced Conservation & Natural Resources.


Lehman College Adjunct Asst. Professor, Urban Environmental Problems, Environmental Health, Intro. Geography, 2001- 2004